The Rich and The Ruthless , Season 3 : Episode 6

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Episode 6: Kitty struggles to pull herself together for the talent show. R&R cast waits backstage. Kitty misses her cue. Alison is forced to go on first. Emmy is next up with a sultry, torch song number she makes up as she goes along, Max and Bobby Tramble have a confrontation at the bar over Veronica. Bobby warns Max to stay in his lane. Kurt is on stage pretending to be a ventriloquist, Willie follows in a tap dance routine. Kitty finally makes her way to the stage -- frozen with stage fright. Fans start laughing at her ballet-rap routine. Kitty is escorted off the stage. Augustus is horrified and thinking divorce. He's had enough and sending Kitty back to rehab! Maeve closes the show, playing the sax. Veronica spies Bobby all over a beautiful blonde and follows him. They have a violent fight in their cabin. Veronica texts brother, Max for help. A humiliated Kitty is in a puddle on her cabin floor. A scheming Max helps his mother, Kitty in to bed while manipulating her with more alcohol --getting her to sign over her shares to him. On deck, Calysta pleads for Augustus to kill her storyline with Ivy. Meanwhile, Ivy solicits Derek and spills tea on Calysta. Max rushes to Veronica's cabin to find her hysterically crying over a dead, Bobby. He takes charge and concocts a plan to dispose of his body. Augustus does not hold back this time and tells Calysta he wants her -- he's divorcing Kitty. He forces a kiss, Derrick sees them. Destroyed, he leaves in silence. Grandma Jones and Gerty take a nap. Veronica and Max are spotted by their dad. Augustus wants Bobby's blood as he is told Bobby roughed her up. Max convinces him to keep it quiet to avoid a scandal. Augustus and family return to the Barringer state room, to find Kitty passed out. Naughty, Emmy has Randall tied up and blindfolded in his cabin while his unsuspecting wife, Alison is schmoozing with fans. The yacht shudders. Everyone panics! Fans race for the lifeboats. Emmy leaves Randall tied up and heads to deck with Phillip and Alison. Alison refuses to leave without her husband. Calysta searches for her Grandma Jones and Miss Gerty. Who survives this watery cliffhanger is anyone's guess -- but one thing is for sure, our The Rich and the Ruthless stars, the Barringer family and everyone on the fan club cruise, is in "Titanic" trouble! Only RR Season IV will reveal who makes it to shore safely.

Starring: Valenzia Algarin, Elaine Ballace, Richard Brooks, Robert Ri'chard, Alesha Renee, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sahara Ware, Akilah Releford, Marvin Gay, Victoria Rowell, Michael Colyar, Elizabeth J. Carlisle, Irene Roseen, Shadeo Stevens, Crystale Wilson, Carlo Mendez, Dawnn Lewis.