The Rich and The Ruthless , Season 1 : Episode 3

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Episode 3: Adopted daughter, Veronica Barringer, show runner of Rich and the Ruthless is on the war path. Calysta wants to do a remote R&R shoot in Montego Bay with Derrick. Competing actress, Emmy Abernathy, is having an affair with Randall Roberts, Alison's husband behind the scenes. Kitty gets bad news at brunch. Phillip is on the edge. Will he leap?

Starring: Victoria Rowell, Richard Brooks, Alesha Renee, Shadoe Stevens, Sahara Ware, Richard Brooks, Alesha Renee, Caryn Ward-Ross, Chrystale Wilson, Brenda Epperson, Elaine Ballace, Elizabeth Carlyle, Hunter Bodine, Irene Roseen, Michael Colyar, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sarah Ware, Valencia Algarin.