The Rich and The Ruthless , Season 3 : Episode 5

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Episode 5: Alison wraps up the Q&A session. Willie & Phillip commiserate on deck about being under-rated as soap stars. Veronica Barringer still waits for her fiance Bobby Tramble to no avail. Kurt confronts her about her choice in men and asks why she seems ashamed of being a Latina. She slaps him. Grandma Jones, BFF Gerty and Calysta relax on deck. Ivy weasels her way in to Captain Tang's control room asking suspicious questions. Grandma Jones, BFF Gerty, Calysta, Derrick, Emmy and Kurt enjoy more sun & fun when Ivy steals the moment and eclipses Calysta's joy -- stealing more of her life and causing more drama. Emmy and Calysta conspire how to take her down. R&R fan club luncheon is in full swing. Willie holds court at his table. Veronica is destroyed that Bobby has disappeared. Max rubs it in. Kitty tries to comfort her daughter. Bobby rushes in to Max's disappointment. The couple kiss entirely too long. The couple get romantic in their cabin. Bobby pulls out drugs. Veronica is shocked. Tells him to get rid of it. R&R cast swim suit competition is on fire with the fans -- Grandma Jones and Gerty get carried away. While Kitty and Augustus make love in the afternoon, below deck. Augustus notices they have lost track of time. Kitty panics as she must prepare for the talent show. Later, Kurt confides in Derrick about high strung, Veronica slapping him, hard. Troublemaker, Emmy shows up, squeezing between the handsome duo, only to be caught by Calysta. R&R fans are red hot ready for the fan club talent show! Kitty is beyond nervous, warming up in her cabin, knocking back whatever is in the mini-bar to ease her nerves.

Starring: Valenzia Algarin, Elaine Ballace, Richard Brooks, Robert Ri'chard, Alesha Renee, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sahara Ware, Akilah Releford, Marvin Gay, Victoria Rowell, Michael Colyar, Elizabeth J. Carlisle, Irene Roseen, Shadeo Stevens, Crystale Wilson, Carlo Mendez, Dawnn Lewis.