The Rich and The Ruthless , Season 3 : Episode 4

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Episode 4: R&R Cast arrive to a marina parking lot on a busted school bus, pissed. Costume designer, Beth refuses to stay for the cruise and cusses them all out. Ivy and Randall announce she is joining the cast. The Barringer family wait on the yacht club deck for the fans and their R&R actors. Veronica is concerned her man, Bobby is late. Network execs, Larry Savenor and Edith Norman make a suprise appearance. Larger than life, Captain Tang introduces himself. R&R cast finally arrives on foot. Edith warns Max to get more Barringer SHARES of The Rich and the Ruthless or their deal is off. Ivy gives a fake speech of how much she admires Calysta. Augustus announces there was a mix up with the dates and most fans won't be coming. Tempers flare. Enter Grandma Jones and Gerty all the way from Mississippi, surprising Calysta and going on the cruise! Everyone boards the ship to begin the festivities - the show must go on!!!

Starring: Valenzia Algarin, Elaine Ballace, Richard Brooks, Robert Ri'chard, Alesha Renee, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sahara Ware, Akilah Releford, Marvin Gay, Victoria Rowell, Michael Colyar, Elizabeth J. Carlisle, Irene Roseen, Shadeo Stevens, Crystale Wilson, Carlo Mendez, Dawnn Lewis.