The Rich and The Ruthless , Season 1 : Episode 5

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Episode 5: The Rich and the Ruthless has moved to Jamaica and is up and running, sort of. They recast Willie Turner's part with legendary Jamaican actor, Samuel Oliver. Calysta and Derrick make up. Calysta has a nightmare. Randall and network executive, Edith attempt to override Augustus and take control of the soap opera. Augustus feels the pressure and collapses on his yacht. A funeral follows.

Starring: Victoria Rowell, Richard Brooks, Alesha Renee, Oliver Samuels, Sahara Ware, Richard Brooks, Alesha Renee, Caryn Ward Ross, Chrystale Wilson, Brenda Epperson, Elaine Ballace, Elizabeth Carlyle, Hunter Bodine, Irene Roseen, Michael Colyar, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sarah Ware, Valencia Algarin.