The Rich and The Ruthless , Season 1 : Episode 6

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Episode 6: The Rich and the Ruthless team rushes back to Hollywood for a funeral. Kitty hires her bad-boy son, Maximillion Max Barringer without consulting anyone, to work on the show. Kitty makes a comeback. A game changer is in store for at least one Barringer. Cliffhanger.

Starring: Richard Brooks, Victoria Rowell, Alesha Renee, Kimberlin Brown, Robert Ri'chard, Sahara Ware, Richard Brooks, Alesha Renee, Caryn Ward-Ross, Chrystale Wilson, Brenda Epperson, Elaine Ballace, Elizabeth Carlyle, Hunter Bodine, Irene Roseen, Michael Colyar, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sarah Ware, Valencia Algarin.