The Rich and The Ruthless , Season 3 : Episode 3

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Episode 3: Dinner at the Barringer mansion with Augustus, Veronica, new boyfriend, Bobby Tramble, heir apparent to Trickter & Tramble detergent dynasty and Max. Excitement and problems unfold for the R&R fan club cruise. Bobby proposes to Veronica. Max tell his sister, she's moving too fast. An exhausted Kitty relaxes with hubby, Augustus, blabbing about her ballet routine for the fan club talent show on the yacht. She wastes no time contacting a wedding planner for her daughter and Bobby Tramble. Cory betrays Augustus Barringer and his art forgery business. Max throws shade on Veronica's engagement as she admires her 3-carat canary diamond ring. Disgusted, Alison finds her producer, husband konked out, hooked up to his sleep apnea machine. Calysta and Derrick share kisses over a romantic glass of wine as they prepare for the fan club cruise. A flirtatious Ivy interrupt the lovers. Derrick leaves. Ivy continues to taunt and blackmail Calysta.

Starring: Valenzia Algarin, Elaine Ballace, Richard Brooks, Robert Ri'chard, Alesha Renee, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sahara Ware, Akilah Releford, Marvin Gay, Victoria Rowell, Michael Colyar, Elizabeth J. Carlisle, Irene Roseen, Shadeo Stevens, Crystale Wilson, Carlo Mendez, Dawnn Lewis.