The Rich and The Ruthless , Season 1 : Episode 2

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Episode 2: The Rich and the Ruthless cast is furious that they are being kept in the dark and must shoot from the Barringer's Hollywood mansion indefinitely. Add to that threats of pay cuts. WHAT?! Jealousy and backbiting abound as Calysta deals with a fisky producer and takes the high road, supported by her non-nonsense, Grandma Jones, visiting from Mississippi.

Starring: Victoria Rowell, Richard Brooks, Alesha Renee, Daniel Rashid, Dawnn Lewis, Michael Tucci, Shadoe Stevens, Starletta DuPois, Sahara Ware, Richard Brooks, Alesha Renee, Caryn Ward Ross, Chrystale Wilson, Brenda Epperson, Elaine Ballace, Elizabeth Carlyle, Hunter Bodine, Irene Roseen, Michael Colyar, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Sarah Ware, Valencia Algarin.