Down To Fck?: After a highly unsuccessful night out at a "DTF" (Down to Fck) party, our four friends all separate and explore what their idea of a good solo night out in Hollywood looks like. Some get "luckier" than others, and one in particular becoming the girl she never thought she would be.

Starring: Pauline Dyer, Jessie Woo, Kendall Kyndall, Jenna Nolen, Courtney Burrell, Robinne Lee, Kandi Burruss, Xavier Avila, Mike Merrill, Juan Gil, Sean Leon, Phire Whitaker, Jovan Robertson, Branden Wellington, Helen Day, Montanna Gillis, Jazzma Crofton, Cassandra Ballard, Lawrence J. Hughes, Ryan Bertorche, David L. Bennett.