Stuck With You , Season 2 : I Adore

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I Adore: Mora's distraught when Carter finds out her secret, and Quasir is stressed when he finds a stranger in the house. Thanks to a special celebrity friend, Candace finally lands her new single. Tisha comes face to face with Candace and Luvell's marriage, while Terry and Blu make another attempt to steal their shine. Special appearance by Vivica A. Fox.

Starring: Tammy Townsend, Timon Kyle Durrett, AJ Johnson, D. Woods, Terrence Green, Jessica Obilom, Tiffany Black, Monti Washington, Scott St. Patrick Williams, Arthur Clark, Shanice, Terrah Bennett Smith, Nadine Ellis, Michael Dyer, Jor el Quinn, Kiara Barnes, Tanedra Howard, York Whitaker, Tayvion Power.