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Soul Kittens Cabaret: Soul Kittens Cabaret is the journey of seven women on their way to self-discovery learning the real meaning of sisterhood from the yin and yang of reasoning, Good Conscience (Fantasia Barrino - American Idol Winner) and Bad Conscience (Faith Evans - R&B singer). Fueled by the bright lights and illusion of fame, they struggle with temptation, personal demons and false promises. While trying to revive Detroit's hottest club in town, the Soul Kittens take customers on the ride of their lives with sultry sex appeal and silky vocals. Written and directed by Nicci Gilbert, this sensational stage musical has been thrilling audiences all over the country and now the Kittens can follow you home. Also starring Monifah Carter (singer), Terrell Carter, and Chrystale Wilson.

Starring: Fantasia Barrino, Faith Evans, Terrell Carter, Chrystale Wilson, Monifa Carter, Miss Sophia, Tondy Gallant, Dave Tolliver.