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Home Again: Home Again is the story of three strangers, Marva (Tatyana Ali - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), a single mother from Toronto, struggles to cope with being ripped from her children, Everton (Stephan James - Degrassi: The Next Generation), an irresponsible British teen, desperately awaits word of his court appeal, and Dunston (Lyriq Ben - the Saw franchise), a New Yorker, tries to escape his criminal past, collide in surprising ways when each is deported to their native Jamaica and forced to start anew on the punishing, unforgiving streets of Kingston. CCH Pounder (Avatar, The Shield) costars in this "harrowingly believable" (The Toronto Star) drama from award-winning director Sudz Sutherland.

Starring: Tatyana Ali, Lyriq Bent, CCH Pounder, Stephan James, Fefe Dobson.