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Frat Brothers: Frat Brothers  is the battle between two siblings Kyle (Mishon Ratliff - singer/recording artist) and Quentin "Q" (Richard John Reliford) who were taught by their father Quincy Cooper (Darrin Dewitt Henson - TV's Soul Food, Stomp the Yard), to carry on their family's proud legacy, by pledging in the fraternity Delta Gamma Gamma. But Kyle is about to shock his brother and disappoint his father by pledging another fraternity, one to which he feels he belongs to, causing a huge family rift that no one saw coming. Now the brothers try to tackle newfound college life…but this time as rivals. Also starring Romeo Miller (rapper/recording artist), Denyce Lawton (TV's House of Payne) and Juhahn Jones.

Starring: Romeo Miller, Darrin Henson, Mishon Ratliff, Denyce Lawton.