For the Love of Jason , Season 1 : This is Some Bull...

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This is Some Bull...: Jason gets a new assignment at work with a well-known client. Lacy gets the call for an audition that could put her acting career back on track. After a run-in with her ex-husband, Lacy's attitude and inability to let go of the past affects her future prospects. Jason unexpectedly goes to a speed dating event and runs into Erick's ex, who invites him to a party with ulterior motives. Starring Trell Woodberry, BJ Britt, Kareem Grimes, Laila Odom, Brely Evans, Jackée Harry, Tabitha Brown, Beverly Todd, Jessica Quintero, Kalilah Harris, Christol Lartey, Iker Amaya, Carl Gilliard, and Phoebe Holston.