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Dysfunctional Friends: Dysfunctional Friends is a film that serves you a dose of laughs with twice the dosage of drama. The all-star cast includes Stacey Dash, Meagan Good, Wesley Jonathon, Jason Weaver, Reagan Gomez, Tatyana Ali, Terrell Owens, Persia White, Hosea Chanchez, Datari Turner, Christian Keyes, Stacy Keibler, Essence Atkins, Vanessa Simmons, and Keith Robinson. A group of college friends, Lisa (Dash), Brett (Jonathon), Gary (Weaver), Ebony (Gomez), Storm (Keibler), Trenyce (White), Jamal (Chanchez), Aaron (Turner) and Stylz (Keyes), are reunited after the death of their larger-than-life friend, Dennis (Robinson) a social networking mogul. Little do they know, Dennis has left behind a will that states that each of his friends will receive a large sum of money, under one condition, they MUST stay in his mansion together, for one week without leaving. If one of them leaves, they all forfeit the money. Soon, scandals, jealousy, and skeletons in the closet all come out revealing the true reasons as to why these "friends" haven't kept in touch in a decade. The more truths being told, the more they jeopardize everyone's inheritance.

Starring: Terrell Owens, Persia White, Meagan Good, Essence Atkins.