Black Love , Season 2 : Picking Your Battles

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Picking Your Battles: Grant and Tamia Hill stress that there is no time-out when you coexist with someone. Tina thinks it's a smoother road for couples who don't engage in power plays. The biggest source of fighting early on in Ryan and Sterling's relationship is that her family did not approve of him. Justine believes it's basic manners to never argue in public, but Rev doesn't care what strangers think about them.

Starring: Sterling K. Brown, Ryan Michelle Bathe, DL Hughley, LaDonna Hughley, Grant Hill, Tamia Hill, Joseph 'Rev Run' Simmons, Justine Simmons, Eddie George, Taj George, Devale Ellis, Khadeen Ellis, Tony Ingram, Brittany Ingram, Alano Miller, DeWanda Wise, Rebecca Crouch-Pelham, Jai Crouch-Pelham.