PARISH is an hour-long urban crime thriller set in steamy, storm-ravaged New Orleans, adapted from the UK format, THE DRIVER. It's a high-voltage, dark identity quest for GRACIÁN "GRAY" PARISH(Giancarlo Esposito), a luxury car service owner and driver sinking in debt and mourning the loss of his son to violence, trying to find renewed purpose in his life. His journey leads us into a wild and nihilistic life of crime working with a man who goes by HORSE (Zachary Momoh). On the surface, the show dramatizes how a desperate man returns to criminal life and finds himself mixed up in the human-trafficking market - and on the trail of his son's killer. But underneath the hood, PARISH explores the internal conflict for Gray: a skilled, shrewd, retired thief and smuggler who gave up his life of crime to be a family man. He believes that with the right plan, properly positioned allies and enough cunning, he can have it all: a renewed sense of purpose, the love of his family, and revenge for his son. Over the course of the series, Gray discovers the only way to live his purpose and keep hisfamily close is to truly unmask: reveal and embrace the true self he's locked away from those he loves.


Cast: Giancarlo Esposito, Zackary Momoh, Paula Malcomson, Skeet Ulrich, Arica Himmel, Ivan Mbakop, Bonnie Mbuli, Dax Rey

Director: Sunu Gonera