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In Sickness and In Health: In Sickness and in Health is the tale of soon to be married couple Faith (Jennifer Freeman - TV's My Wife and Kids, You Got Served ) and Norman (Chico Benymon - TV's Half & Half, Ali) who goes through the ultimate test of love and vows just two weeks before their weeding. Faith had kept a deep secret from Norman -that she suffers from sickle-cell anemia. Knowing that her mother lost her battle to sickle-cell when she was just 40, Faith doesn't want to put Norman through what her father (Roger Guenveur Smith - American Gangster, Final Destination) endured. As the stress of the looming wedding brings on a few painful sickle-cell episodes, Faith reacts by pushing Norman away, which in turn triggers her sister (Golden Brooks - TV's Girlfriends), to tell Norman about Faith's illness.

Starring: Jennifer Freeman, Golden Brooks, Chico Benymon, K.D. Aubert, Michael Blackson, Darlene McCoy, Roger Guenveur Smith.