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Our Dream Christmas: It's Christmas Eve in Los Angeles, and hardworking Gabriella "Gabby" Purnell, her husband, Tim, and their two kids: Amber and TJ are fresh off a plane from Mississippi to spend Christmas with her mother and brother. Unbeknownst to Gabby, her dad, Marshall, from Mississippi, and her New York Broadway actress sister, Nikki, traveled to Los Angeles because according to her brother, Red, their mother, Stephanie, was dying and he wanted the family to spend one last Christmas with her. As the family became more acclimated with each other, Gabby and Nikki's not-so-sisterly relationship turns the family upside down. Marshall, the small town agricultural teacher, comes to Los Angeles with the idea that he is not returning to Mississippi without a giving his soap opera, superstar wife an happy ending. Over the course of two days, Gabby uncovers the truth about her wayward husband, defends herself against a sick, judgmental mom, widens the gap between her pre-teen daughter and herself, and faces a potential job loss. As dysfunction stymies the family, reality humbles Gabby when she visits Red on Christmas morning and witnesses up close and personal that Red has terminal pancreatic cancer. Afterwards, Red's family reveals to him they knew he was sick, but choose to let him come to them. After the gifts are opened, old pictures and stories are shared, the family bond together to make Red's Christmas, a dream Christmas.

Starring: Elise Neal, Jazmin Lewis, Jazsmin Lewis, Keith Robinson, Peter Parros.
Array RATING: PG-13