Natural Hair The Movie

This film explores the struggles of hair identity told by women of color. From political correctness to employment discrimination, this film unveils the journey and transition from forced relaxers to the Afrocentric freedom of beauty!


Cast: Rage Almighty, Kimberly Berry, Brittany Bluitt, Isis Brantley, Malaika-Tamu Cooper, Cindy Chinwe, Reece Dillard, Pablo De Leon, Dr. W. Marvin Dulaney, Kayla Garner, Crystal Garrett, Dr. Lawana Gladney, James Jeffries, Eric Lockhart, Vicki Lockhart, Dr. Tina Opie, Carie Puff, John Lewis Puff, Yvonne Williams, Kyndal Robertson, Cydni Robertson, Chasity Russell, Luvina Sabree, Kevin Walker, Kelly Gray, Gabriella Connor, Roquel Cunningham, Lauren Steele, So-So Topic, Jamie Jenkins, Tiffany Dent, Veya Salcido, Luciana Gomez, Brandon Christle

Director: Reginald Titus Jr.