Growing Up Hip Hop , Season 7 : Sneak Diss

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Sneak Diss: Cree confronts Briana over fiery sneak disses on social media; Sakoya suspects her Mom is not being honest and discovers a troubling secret. Tyran offers Sam support as he deals with the aftermath of meeting Treach. Twist finds himself a new crush.

Starring: Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons, JoJo Simmons, Tanice Simmons, Lil Twist, Sakoya Wynter, Jojo Hailey, Devin Hailey, Layzie Bone, Briana Latrise, Boogie Dash, Sandra Pepa Denton, Treach, Egypt Criss, Sam Mattick, Tahira Tee Tee Francis, Savannah Jordan, Cree Campbell, Uncle Luke, Eric Lil Eazy-E Wright Jr..