Dark Matter

DARK MATTER is a social justice drama that takes place in a dark void of the African-American experience where martyrs of the Black Lives Matter movement find a common ground in their connection -- they were all murdered at the hands of the police.


Cast: Elijah Reed, Lorenz Arnell, Alfred R. Thompson, Brandy L. Grant, Andrew Tyree, Bianca Ostojich, Robin Jordan, Paul L. Davis, Darryl W. Williams II, Malachi J. White, Robert Clark, Myles Grier, Quonta Beasley, Trisha Goodman, Terrance Kendrick, Randy Ranz, Ryan Najpauer, Nick Sarandon, Freddie Chavez, Jermaine Jacox, Terri Alexander, Jason Christie, Chris Rutledge, Knajula Edwards

Director: Geno Brooks